CorrX removes all microscopic contaminants from metal, thus eliminating coating failures. CorrX is both environmentally friendly and easy to use.

CorrX is a two-step process, following a traditional metal prep, that reacts, disperses and free-rinses water-insoluble and water-soluble contaminates from metal surfaces to allow higher bond strength, leading to longer asset life. Elimination of these contaminants removes a key component required for cathodic corrosion. All chemicals used in the CorrX process are free-rinsing. The end result (finished product) is a clean, passivated mild steel surface. The CorrX process yields a modified steel surface that naturally resists flash rust formation and other forms of corrosion. Being naturally resistant to flash rusting allows contractors leeway, due to weather, scheduling, etc., on the timing of subsequent coating application(s).

How does CorrX address the #1 challenge of under coating corrosion, Iron sulfide?
--CorrX reacts with iron sulfide to break it up into dispersible components that are free-rinsed from the surface.