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Leadership Team

Our leadership team is well versed in the corrosion industry and all methods used to control its catastrophic consequences.

Milton L. Scott, Chief Executive Officer – Milton is the Chairman and CEO of The Tagos Group, LLC. Corrosion Prevention Technology is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Tagos Group. Milton was also Founder, Managing Director and CFO of Complete Energy Holdings, LLC, a company started in 2003 to acquire, own and operate power generation assets. He served as Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer at Dynegy, Inc. and spent 21 years as an audit partner with the global accounting firm Arthur Andersen, LLP.

Jim Knocke, Chief Technology Officer – Jim is the co-inventor and original patent holder of Corrosion Prevention Technologies’ revolutionary surface preparation technology, CorrX. Jim developed the second-generation CorrX system in 2009, then, in 2011, enhanced this to a superior two-step method that is the industry-changing product we know today, to clean and passivate mild steel. Jim’s professional experience includes synthetic organic chemistry, both, bench and plant scale, formulating cleaners and industrial processing aids across several industries, the introduction of new anti-microbial formulations into food safety applications, and introduction of new applications using anti-microbials to increase frac well production. Jim also has extensive experience in process development, troubleshooting, formulating, scale-up, production management, technical sales support, regulatory functions, ISO 9002 and quality control.

Barbara Tompkins – Brown, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing, Compliance, Environmental and Safety – Barbara Tompkins-Brown oversees the product manufacturing, quality control and compliance for Corrosion Prevention Technologies. Barbara has more than 30 years' experience leading and managing large organizations in the areas of manufacturing, supply chain, maintenance and technology. Prior to joining Corrosion Prevention Technology, she held several key leadership roles in chemical manufacturing, including Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Maintenance Manager and Supply Chain Manager. Barbara has extensive experience in strategic planning, supply and demand planning, Lean Six Sigma, operational safety excellence, process safety management, environmental compliance, quality control and assurance.


Timothy Broussard, Senior Corrosion Specialist - Tim is a seasoned corrosion professional with more than 30 years of experience in the coatings industry. Tim is NACE Certified and works as a NACE Certified Inspector. He has spent the last 20 year in the inspection field as a Project Manager and Corrosion and Coating Consultant for failure analysis, topside surveys, bidding and cost management projects, inspections, and project assessments. He has extensive experience with safety requirements, quality control, quality assurance, cost management, hazardous waste and materials, and project management associated with coating operations. He specializes in tank liners, primarily Polyureas. Tim works closely with project engineers, project managers, inspectors, and paint techs to insure projects exceed customer requirements. Tim’s immediate experience spans a variety of industries including railway tanks and cars; offshore drilling and production platforms and plants; drilling barges, ships, vessels, jack ups, submersibles rigs, spars; plants and refineries; major ports and fabrication yards, pipelines, industrial plants, major ship yards/pipe yards, cargo ships, dry docks, tanks and internal coatings facilities. Tim has worked with most of the global leaders in the oil and gas industry. Tim also worked in major fabrication yards throughout the United States as a certified welder. He is very familiar with the process of fabrication all the way to the final coating process. Tim started two tank liner divisions in South Louisiana with emphasis on interior liners. He was a paint superintendent for some of South Louisiana’s largest fabrication facilities. He has extensive knowledge of offshore coating applications and coating processes.

Nick Doskey – Chief Financial Officer

Nick is the Chief Financial Officer at Corrosion Prevention Technologies, responsible for all aspects of finance, accounting, risk management, and corporate compliance. Nick began his professional career working in Boston in the external audit practice for Deloitte & Touche, LLP. His focuses in Boston were the manufacturing and retail industries. He transferred to Houston with Deloitte in 2011 and spent the following year and a half leading external audits on public and private oil and gas exploration and production clients. Nick brings experience in the areas of accounting and finance, external audit, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, and U.S. GAAP and SEC financial reporting requirements.

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