Environmentally safe is defined differently depending on the disciplines or area of interest. Some industries are concerned only with ingredients and materials, others focus on the application and end-use, while others take into account the net effect of how products and processes displace other, less environmentally friendly methods. Corrosion Prevention Technologies withstands the test in each of these areas.

Lab evaluations support that Corrosion Prevention Technologies's materials are non-toxic, biodegradable and have extremely low to zero VOCs.

Abrasive blasting produces large amounts of environmental waste, pollutes the air with particulates and exposes workers to hazardous work environments. Corrosion Prevention Technologies' CorrX significantly reduces the environmentally harmful impacts of abrasive blasting by minimizing or limiting the amount of abrasive blasting required for substrate preparation.

When used with properly selected and applied coatings, Corrosion Prevention Technologies prolongs the service life of metal assets by eliminating corrosion and exponentially enhancing coating performance. Longer coating service life means fewer coating applications including remediation of old coatings and byproduct waste of coating applications (such as buckets, brushes, etc.).

Longer asset lifetimes mean less metal to be repaired, remediated or replaced. Better performing assets require less maintenance and are less susceptible to mechanical and structural failure, which can lead to environmental disasters such as burst pipelines and leaking storage tanks.

All Corrosion Prevention Technologies' CorrX materials are simple and safe to mix, apply and dispose of. Personal protection equipment requirements are the same as for most coating applications: chemical-resistant gloves, goggles and NIOSH approved respirator. Disposal regulations differ per project and regulatory territory, but most clients dispose of runoff into their normal waste-water treatment systems.