Corrosion Is
The Enemy
Not An

Corrosion Enemy

CorrX removes the nonvisible causes of coating failures and prevents corrosion even in the most corrosive environment. Join us in Making Corrosion History™.


Product Description

How does CorrX address the #1 challenge of under coating corrosion, Iron sulfide?

CorrX reacts with iron sulfide to break it up into dispersible components that are free-rinsed from the surface.

CorrX is a two-step process, following a traditional metal prep, that reacts, disperses and free-rinses water-insoluble and water-soluble contaminates from metal surfaces to allow higher bond strength, leading to longer asset life. Elimination of these contaminants removes a key component required for cathodic corrosion. All chemicals used in the CorrX process are free-rinsing. The end result (finished product) is a clean, passivated mild steel surface.

The CorrX process yields a modified steel surface that naturally resists flash rust formation and other forms of corrosion.  Being naturally resistant to flash rusting allows contractors leeway, due to weather, scheduling, etc., on the timing of subsequent coating application(s).


Coatings Neutral

CorrX is a revolutionary substrate preparation process that cleans the metal without leaving any residue on the substrate. Because no residue is left on the metal substrate, any and ALL coatings can be applied with no restrictions or limitations concerning the coating's ultimate performance.

The current practice of substrate preparation includes blasting, applying corrosion inhibitor, and then applying the protective durable coating. Coating manufacturers typically list incompatible corrosion inhibition systems on the coating label.

CorrX is a substrate decontamination process, not a contamination masking product, and has no limitations that jeopardize the performance of a coating. With this coating-neutral characteristic, CorrX does not interrupt a customer's current coating program. It simply removes microscopic interference materials that negatively affect coating performance which allows a stronger bond between the substrate and coating.

CorrX removes both water-soluble and non-water-soluble contaminants that interfere with the coating's adhesion. Field test kits are not needed with the CorrX process to determine the suitability of the substrate. CorrX removes flash rust as well as iron sulfides from the surface to eliminate the burden of rushing to coat because the surface of the CorrX-treated substrate naturally resist flash rusting.

Corrosion Prevention Technologies provides on-site certified technical support, to ensure proper training of contractor personnel to achieve the most time- and cost-effective solution for our customers.


Improved Coating Performance

Coatings simply perform better using CorrX-cleaned substrates, and we can prove it. We have never had a coating fail, in the field or in a lab. But don't take our word for it. Give us your most challenging corrosion project. Use our process. Subject our technology to your most rigorous standardized industrial testing protocols. CorrX extends the service life of coating systems much longer and with less maintenance, lowers the environmental impact of a project and reduces employee exposure to potentially hazardous working conditions.

CorrX's unique and environmentally friendly Coating-Edge Technology™ decontaminates and preps metal substrates on a molecular level before a paint or coating is applied, thereby extending the life and effectiveness of the coating. We do more than just substrate decontamination: we deliver faster, superior substrate preparation as well as long-term performance, significantly minimizing maintenance and asset downtime caused by corrosion. We have 20 years of project experience in the oil and gas industry with applications on a variety of assets in severely corrosive environments, all with ZERO coating failures.

Improved Project Management

Our unique substrate decontamination process is an innovative Coating-Edge Technology™. CorrX dramatically reduces project costs, expedites project schedules, removes corrosion-causing substrate contaminants, enhances long-term coating performance and minimizes asset maintenance and downtime caused by corrosion.

CorrX reduces asset downtime, overall project costs, and the total cost of ownership by reducing maintenance requirements and extending asset life. Projects in which CorrX is used are commonly finished in half the time and with 40% less overall costs than conventional projects. CorrX increases the average daily production rates for cleaning and coating application. CorrX also eliminates the vulnerability of projects to unscheduled delays because it is not affected by flash-rust/rust-back, which often occurs as a result of numerous variables and environmental conditions. Substrates treated with CorrX meet and/or exceed contaminant level and visual standard requirements. Contaminant levels register as non-detectable and the finished substrate is white metal. Coatings applied using CorrX decontaminated substrates perform better and last decades longer than those applied using conventionally prepared substrates. CorrX also significantly improves both the quality and efficiency of welding.


Environmentally Safe

Environmentally safe is defined differently depending on the disciplines or area of interest. Some industries are concerned only with ingredients and materials; others focus on the application and end-use, while others take into account the net effect of how products and processes displace other, less environmentally friendly methods. CorrX withstands the test in each of these areas.

Lab evaluations support that CorrX materials are non-toxic, biodegradable and have extremely low to zero VOCs.

Abrasive blasting produces large amounts of environmental waste, pollutes the air with particulates and exposes workers to hazardous work environments. CorrX significantly reduces the environmentally harmful impacts of abrasive blasting by minimizing or limiting the amount of abrasive blasting required for substrate preparation.

When used with properly selected and applied coatings, CorrX prolongs the service life of metal assets by eliminating the key causes of corrosion and enhancing coating performance. Longer coating service life means fewer coating applications, resulting in a reduced environmental impact from common issues such as remediation of old coatings and reduced byproduct waste of coating applications (such as buckets, brushes, etc.).

Longer asset lifetime means less metal to be repaired, remediated or replaced. Better performing assets require less maintenance and are less susceptible to mechanical and structural failure, which can lead to environmental disasters such as burst pipelines and leaking storage tanks.

All CorrX materials are easy to mix, apply and dispose of. Personal protection equipment requirements are the same as for most coating applications: chemical-resistant gloves, goggles and NIOSH approved respirator. Disposal regulations differ per project and regulatory territory, but most customers dispose of runoff into their normal waste-water treatment systems.