Corrosion Prevention Technologies' CorrX is a revolutionary substrate preparation process that cleans the metal without leaving any residue on the substrate. Corrosion Prevention Technologies's process will self-identify, through discoloration, any residue left on the metal. Because no residue is left on the metal substrate, any and ALL coatings can be applied with no restrictions or limitations concerning the coating's ultimate performance.

Based on the application and the technology behind typical substrate prep materials, those products will always have limitations from coating manufacturers as to what coatings can be applied over them. Corrosion Prevention Technologies' CorrX is a substrate decontamination process, not a decontamination product, and it will never have limitations that jeopardize the performance of a coating. With this coating-neutral characteristic, Corrosion Prevention Technologies' CorrX does not interrupt a client's current coating program. It simply removes microscopic interference materials that negatively affect coating performance.

Corrosion Prevention Technologies' CorrX eliminates both water-soluble and non-water-soluble contaminants that interfere with the coating's adhesion. No additional field test kits or products are needed with our process, which removes flash rust as well as iron sulfides and eliminates the burden of rushing to coat.

Corrosion Prevention Technologies provides certified technical support, with our technicians remaining on-site, to ensure that projects are completed properly and in the most time- and cost-effective manner.