Coating-Edge Technology™

CorrX is truly a Coating-Edge Technology™ that revolutionizes the entire coating application process. CorrX lowers the total cost of ownership by eliminating the most common causes of coating failures and reducing the frequency and severity of required maintenance. CorrX removes microscopic contaminants - the most common, yet unrecognized cause of project delays and expense overruns - and mitigates safety risks and environmental waste through the use of environmentally-friendly methods and materials.

CorrX is a simple two-step process that enables contractors to meet and/or exceed detectable contaminant thresholds and visual standard requirements. Coatings applied using CorrX decontaminated substrates outperform those using conventionally prepared substrates.

Using CorrX Technology

  • Projects are cleaned and coated in single uninterrupted phases, reducing project times.
  • Daily cleaning times are increased by 50% - 80%, allowing assets to be back in service sooner.
  • Inspections are rarely jeopardized by unavoidable circumstances.
  • Projects are streamlined and completed on schedule.
  • Total costs and asset downtimes are reduced to approximately one-half.
  • Risk and liability are reduced proportionally.
  • Dehumidification is not required for internal coating projects.
  • Coatings do not have to be applied the same day of surface cleaning.

Testing And Results

CorrX leaves the metal substrate free of contaminants. The process has been tested through multiple methods, including Scanning Electron Microscope and Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometer Analysis.

For example, our most recent SEM/EDX study satisfied all of the following objectives:

  • Establish a baseline contaminant-free surface for contaminant deposition;
  • Intentionally applied known deposit elements and corrosive compounds in defined areas;
  • Verify the location and identity of elements (i.e. sulfur, chlorine) that are integral to known corrosive compounds (i.e. iron sulfides and iron chlorides);
  • Verify the absence of the above elements/compounds in areas treated with CorrX.

The absence of contaminants, both visually through the absence of flash rust, and analytically, on initially soiled areas confirmed that CorrX produced a reliably clean substrate. Likewise, CorrX effectively removed all contaminants, further indicating how clean the process leaves the metal substrate.

Technical Certification Program (TCP)

Corrosion Prevention Technologies offers an intensive training course structured to provide technicians with the tools and knowledge to ensure advanced understanding and successful use of our technology. Both the applicator and the supervisor will benefit from the curriculum of this course.

With successful completion of this program, technicians will have demonstrated the ability to undertake a basic decontamination project and/or provide basic technical support. Although completion of this course does not guarantee certification, it prepares technicians for field work and gives them the necessary foundation required to become fully certified.

The training course consists of two days of textbook work, hands-on experience, and testing. On the first day, technicians review all material in the manual to gain a better understanding of the technology process and its benefits. On the second day, technicians are exposed to hands-on training using the CorrX technology. Technicians are also trained on the use and maintenance of all required equipment.

Update and Renewal

TThe CorrX certification program must be updated every 3 years in one of our licensed facilities. If the technician does not renew the certification within the three-year period, he/she will be removed from our membership database.

An audit may be done, once a year, to ensure technical requirements are being followed.